3D Printing And Digital Cornhole 3D Printing in Metal like Stainless Steel, Inconel, Aluminum, Titanium, Cobalt Chromium along with Composites like Carbon Fiber, Kevlar, Fiberglass and Nylon.Toss 21 Digital Cornhole System. Watch TV, Play Music, Play against friends using our state of the art and the worlds first digital cornhole system.
3Dux/design architecture sets 3Dux/design architectural modeling sets were designed by high school siblings, Ayana and Ethan Klein as an engaging way to integrate math and science concepts with art and open-ended creative play. 3D printed connectors and geometric cardboard forms are used to design, create, decorate and recreate anything you can imagine. Engineered to fit most single ply cardboard, your young designer will learn about creative repurposing AND minimize our carbon footprint. 3Dux/design architecture sets offer today’s youth the tools to make a better tomorrow.
4 Paws Wearables Keep your Pet in Sight at Night with the Light-Up at Night Pet Collar! It features a strip of LEDs housed within a water-resistant silicone sheath, and contains a compact light-detecting circuit that automatically turns on at night and off during the day. Its innovative claspless design makes it the only light-up collar that is safe for cats as well as dogs. Stop by to see the latest prototype, and learn about our plans for the business!
ALS Therapy Development Institute Fernando Vieira, M.D., Senior Director of Preclinical Development of the ALS Therapy Development Institute, talks about using innovative thinking, novel approaches to drug discovery and development, rigorous science and advanced technology to explore drug development in an effort to find an effective treatment and cure for ALS.
ASML – Be part of progress ASML make’s machines that make chips; the hearts of the devices that keep us informed, entertained and safe. Devices that improve our quality of life and help to tackle the world’s toughest problems. We build some of the most amazing machines that you will ever see, and the software to run them.
AWS Careers in Welding Trailer The AWS Careers in Welding Trailer gives visitors a first-hand look into the exciting world of welding! Once on board, students will get to learn about the science of welding through several hands-on exhibits. Information about careers in welding, scholarships, and other related topics are available inside.Climb aboard, and spark your passion for welding today!
Balloon star Blasters Launch squeegees into “”stargets”” with Balloon star Blasters! The Blasters are made from PVC pipes with a balloon attached to one end. A squeegee is placed through the pipe to meet the inside of the balloon cover. From the outer side of the balloon cover, pull back on the balloon and squeegee, let it go – and watch it fly toward the starget!
Bedford Middle School We will showcase the work of students at Bedford Middle School in grades 6, 7 and 8.
best aim nerf gun my perfect aim nerf gun will amaze you with it’s aim! I modded the nerf gun and put a laser on it. I will show how it works by using a piece of paper as a target.
Bethel High School Student Makers Bethel High School students are demonstrating a variety of Computer Science related exploration projects based upon their personal interests and potential career focus.
Big Bubbles Chemistry with Girl Scouts of Connecticut What is the science behind a bubble? What color is a bubble and how high can it fly? Just how BIG of a bubble can you make? Join Girl Scouts of Connecticut in creating and learning about bubbles!
Books + Arts = Fun! Did you ever wonder what goes into making a book? This is your opportunity to find out! Connecticut Center for the Book brings you demonstrations of some of the components that go into the time-honored Art of Making Books.
BOSEbuild Come experience the new BOSEbuild Speaker Cube and learn what it takes to make sound and music, while discovering what is at the heart of every speaker.
Bow Wow Bites Amazingly delicious homemade dog treats made with your pups delight in mind!
Caroline House The mission of Caroline House is to enable women and children to reach the fullness of their potential through education in English language and life skills.
Chickadee Goods Luxury Up-cycled Accessories. Locally handmade goods. Women’s accessories with a purpose.
Christ and Holy Trinity Christ and Holy Trinity Church & Preschool
Connecticut Braille Association, Inc. ..modern ways to improve life for blind and visually impaired Connecticut Braille has items from the world of technology to improve the enjoyment of books for the blind and visually impaired.. See our Story Walk book with braille! Learn about the “”6 Dots of Braille.”” How many combinations of the 6 Dots of Braille can you make?
Craft & Sprout We are the premier handcrafted tiny home company in the Northeast. We can supply you with all your tiny home needs and in multiple stages from the trailer or shell only, for DIYers, to the finished build for clients that want the complete package. Whether you are using it as an accessory structure like a guest cottage, in law suite, office, pool house or full time living, we can help. If you can dream it, we can design and build you a custom tiny home.
Create your own Shadow Puppet – Karen Bruce Create and perform your own shadow puppet.
Curiodyssea – Underwater Robotics Curiodyssea is a Staples High School robotics team that builds underwater remotely operated vehicles (ROV) to compete in the MATE (Marine Advanced Technology Education) competition. The ROV is designed to be capable of effectively performing underwater tasks that have real world applications. This year’s theme is Jet City: Aircraft, Earthquakes, and Energy, which requires operators to recover lost aircraft, monitor local environments, and perform maintenance on underwater systems.
Desktop Makes Learn to design for 3D printing with our easy to follow project based online design courses. Visit us at desktopmakes.com
Destination Imagination The Destination Imagination program is a fun, hands-on system of learning that fosters students’ creativity, courage and curiosity through open-ended academic Challenges in the fields of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), fine arts and service learning. Our participants learn patience, flexibility, persistence, ethics, respect for others and their ideas, and the collaborative problem solving process. Teams may showcase their solutions at a tournament.
Diana Teeter Art I am an artist and Children’s Book Illustrator who loves to capture the whimsy of the world. I paint cute animals enjoying life and doing very “human” things.
DIY Synthesis – Building Sound in Circuitry Synthesizers produce sounds through electricity – using voltage as a means of creating tones and textures that ultimately turn into songs. What starts out as an electronic buzz is shaped through varying currents and nearly infinite circuits to map out soundscapes and ultimately come out with something we can call music. These synthesizers are each hand-built and unique in the process of transforming electricity into tonal harmony and sonic dysrhythmia.
Doo-Rite Robot Sculptures My exhibit will show that I give new life to discarded or forgotten objects. My sculptures average two-feet in height and have a humanoid likeness or that of a robot. The exhibit will display my creations and visitors will be able to identify many household items found in my sculptures.
Draw-O-Matic: Human Drawing Machine The Bedford Middle School’s Art Collective aims to uncover the artistic process as a layered and meaning making pursuit, in which we choose to reject or accept choices. Spin the wheel and watch as this human powered machine creates a piece of art from an idea through 5 modes of art making: from structure, to color, pizzazz, destroy, and finally to make it work. The spirit of this project celebrates the collaborative work of The BMS Art Collective, who’s mission is to create public art that provokes change and instills wonder.
Electric Boat Revolutionizes Submarine Building with Augmented Reality Forget about video games! Augmented reality technology (AR) is revolutionizing the future of building submarines at Electric Boat. AR overlays computer-generated content on live views to digitally enhance the user’s view of the real world. By equipping our mechanics with AR technology (via Hand-held Tablets and Head-Mounted Displays), Electric Boat pioneers AR business applications to build submarines (arguably the most complex product built by man) safer and more efficiently. Stop by our Build Authority Technology mobile to learn more.
Emperors Throne/other creations Out of wood, I built Emperor Palpatines throne, and finished BB-8, an old project i did for a past Maker Faire. I also have other small creations and will be playing music on my Saxophone to fit the theme.
Fairfield County Makers’ Guild The Makers’ Guild is a non-profit, membership-based community workshop and fabrication studio that provides access to specialized tools and equipment to enable its members to turn their ideas into reality. A product of the maker movement, our mission is to establish a vibrant community of makers, inventors, tinkerers, hobbyists, and artists and a culture of learning and sharing with one another. By providing access to tools, knowledge, and community, we hope to establish a space that fosters innovation and creativity.
Federal Aviation Administration The FAA is the Global Role Model as the World Leader in Aviation. The FAA’s Strategic Initiatives: Make Aviation Safer and Smarter Deliver Benefits Through Technology and Infrastructure / Enhance Global Leadership / Empower and Innovate with our Workforce / SAFER, SMARTER, BETTER, TOGETHER
Fly, Connecticut Our booth contains airplane seat technology and how it has advanced over the years. Also, we will have an airplane wing to show how they are designed and how airflow travels over them. We will include facts about planes and even the history of them. This is an interesting way to learn new things about aviation and explore your interests. Enjoy!
Game of Drones SHU Engineering will be showcasing their drone tents and give opportunity to everybody to fly drones. Drones are provided for flying experience. Personal drones are welcomed. 3d printing keychains will be given to participants.
Geeks Bearing Gifts Here you will find inspirational words of scientists, thinkers, and dreamers. You will find the sparkle of curiosity, the treasure of discovery, the gift of inspiration. You will also find whimsy and humor, maybe even a few pop-culture references scattered about as we celebrate the beauty of the intellect and the passion of knowledge rendered in glass, metal and stone.
Genius Box For curious young minds, Genius Box delivers a monthly STEM adventure right to your door packed with projects and learning opportunities. Our mission is to empower the change-makers and problem-solvers of tomorrow, today! Each month you receive a new kit in the mail exploring a different STEM topic with all the items needed to complete 3+ hands-on activities encouraging curiosity for STEM. Genius Box is geared towards children ages 8-12.
Girl Scouts of Connecticut Our STEM expert, Danielle LaChance will attend the Scouting panel to discuss some of the wonderful opportunities that Girl Scouts has to offer to girls of all ages.
Gustave Whitehead 1901 Airplane Half-Size Replica Gustave Whitehead’s airplane flew on August 14, 1901 near Jennings Beach in Fairfield, Connecticut, two years before the Wright Brothers famous December 17, 1903 flights. Jane’s All the World’s Aircraft has now accepted Gustave Whitehead as the first to fly. A full-size replica was built and flown in 1986 at Bridgeport Airport.
Hand blown glass Hand blown glass using glass as a medium to create a production line of unique creations. All pieces are made by establishing layers of molten glass at the end of rods in which air can form a bubble that can be manipulated.
Handmades knits,crochet , weaving and sewing hats and scarves Everyone gets cold and to keep them warm, I love to design with what I weave, Knit, sew, and crochet with a wandering mind to help people around the world to keep warm and comfortable in a stylish manner without a lot of cover up with hands off where nothing pulling or to tuck in. As the founder of the circular scarf that can be worn in many different ways . So is my new invention which is Patent pending on a garment that can be Worn for formals, wear for casuals , wear in the house out of the house, wear everywhere and guess what only one warm garment to travel with . Yes you can, love it .
Hands-on Independent Build-Test-Learn Electronics Course and Educational Electronic Kits We have a “Learn to Solder with Basic Electronics” workshop at our booth. We demonstrate our fully functional oscilloscope kit that you can build along with other basic educational electronic kits. We start with the basic physics of electronics, teach practical circuit design and assembly, all the way up to programming a microprocessor for robot control. A Basic knowledge of electronics can greatly enhance your ability to do scientific investigations.
HCC STEAM Club HCC STEM CLUB will demonstrate with the use of the 3-D printer (on-site) and create water bears (Tardigrades (Tardigrada), also known as water bears or moss piglets, are a phylum of small invertebrates) and also origami projects will be available.
hipV Modern Vintage Jewelry hipV offers unique Modern, Vintage and Antique jewelry. Our love for antique pieces allows us to source, create and combine one of a kind items with a modern vintage look.
Honey Bees Honey bees are one of Nature’s Makers. Honey bees make wax to build comb, honey from nectar, and a usable form of propolis for their hives that people like to steal and use. Admire honey bees in a small hive, look at artifacts and try on a bee suit.
How Westport Volunteer EMS Saves Lives in 2018 Since 1979 Westport Volunteer Emergency Medical Service (WVEMS) has responded to nearly 60,000 emergency calls, taught over 23,000 citizens CPR, and has saved countless lives in our community. The passion that our volunteers have to serve their community hasn’t changed, but the life saving equipment that we use certainly has. Come experience what saving a life in 2018 looks like with our state-of-the-art vehicles, equipment, and free Hands-Only CPR lesson.
HugMatch The HugMatch Earth App is a personalized educational game app that giving parent and child a reading experience inspirational and educational ways. We can capture the attention of young minds through our magical adventure to understand global warming.
Interactive Photo Booth! Have fun in our virtual studio and create your own unique portraits! Get your imagination flowing in front of our camera and receive a complimentary image! Take advantage of a special offer to commission your very own portrait art in Venture Photography’s Riverside studio!
Jewelry Making: Nature’s Designs Elegant, creative hand-made Jewelry: earrings, rings, necklaces, ear cuffs, and much more. In Nature, everything is unique. My designs are one of a kind and follow the diversity of nature. I like to customize most of my jewelry to reflect my client’s personality and style.
KeyBank Westport Welcome to KeyBank Westport Branch! We’ll help you find a financial solution that fits your needs. At KeyBank Westport Branch, you’ll find ATMs, KeyBank Relationship Rewards, Safe Deposit Boxes, Investment Services for your convenience. Your local KeyBank is here for you, no matter what stage of life you’re in. Visit your local branch today or contact us at 203-341-9698 and ask for Hilda Salerno Branch Manager. Let’s work together to find the best financial solution to fit your situation. Our booth at the Maker Faire is proud to host ScrapeitRX a neat device that protects your medical id. ScarpeitRX was invented in Farifield CT, it’s manufactured in Fairfield CT & proudly made in the US. Here at Key your financial wellness is our top concern. We provide you with the necessary tools which helps protect your financial identity. But at Key we have taken the additional step of also extending this level of protection by promoting and supporting a great devise that protects your Medical Identity. Stop by our booth and learn about our special Maker Faire offers and get your free ScrapeItRX while supplies last. Ease. Value. Expertise
Keyp It Together Handmade, practical and creative “”Strong”” magnetic pieces to keep your keys/FOB in place in your purse, vest, car etc. Personalized wearable pieces of artwork Can be used for decoration on any purse, worn on the outside of clothing, cap, on a backpack, refrigerator magnet, necklace Pendant – and many more uses
Kids Coding for A Cause Random Hacks of Kindness Jr. is about teaching kids to code for a cause. We run day-long hack-a-thons, events where kids in grades 4-8 are teamed up with a non-profit and a coding mentor. The kids learn about the non-profit and then code a prototype app for them. Hack-a-thons are designed to stimulate a child’s curiosity and creativity by applying technology to benefit society. Rhok Jr. gives kids a chance to work with professionals, learn code and gets them thinking about an app that can benefit society
Kingsley Marbles Maker “Stop by and see how Contemporary Marbles are made. Flameworking marbles is an art that moves the maker to turn cold glass rods into a molten state, adds color and design, then anneals the marbles in the kiln. This becomes a one-of-a-kind object that never existed before and you can see this beautiful artwork being made before you eyes.” Join us and meet Tom Kingsley
Knotted Bone Leatherworks Modern Gear, Medieval Method. The artisan’s hand-made apparel and accessories are historically inspired, period style goods such as Leather Belts, bags, and armor as well as chain-maille jewelry, tobacco pipes, and other rustic, old-world handcrafts.
KTT Enterprises-Manufacturer of Natural latex foam for bedding and upholstery KTT Enterprises is a Connecticut manufacturer of custom, natural latex foam products including Sleep On It College Mattress Toppers, pillows, mattresses and custom cut cushions.Talalay latex foam is considered superior in both comfort and support according to bedding and upholstery experts. This unique foam is biodegradable, naturally hypoallergenic and dust mite/mold resistant. Give it a try, you’ll agree–it’s Simply the Best!
Leaping Cat- Spring Fashions Spring into fashion with the hand crafted designs from Leaping Cat! Fashion Designer, Rebekah K. Miller, showcases her 2018 Spring collection featuring easy to wear dresses and tops that give you a complete outfit which is both comfortable and stylish. Also on display are pieces from her award winning 2017 avant-garde Spring collection: Luminous.
Let Your Art Out Let Your Art Out is an idea I had encouraging people to use art for healing. Let Your Art Out includes a creative art therapy program that will teach how to use the healing power of the arts. GOAL: To build and strengthen resiliency, empathy and self esteem for people in recovery, their supporters and for prevention with school aged children. The group topics include self-esteem, expressing emotions, emotional regulation, stress reduction, mindfulness,etc
Lucy’s Recycled Robots Lucy uses found objects – cans, plastic bottle caps, old hardware, used paintbrushes, etc – and assembles them in to fantastical creatures. She takes what might otherwise be discarded and makes something new – each has its own distinct personality.
Magents: The Game Magnets: The Game is “”The Marbles of the 21st Century”” It’s a table top tossing game with magnets! The skill of your toss vs the chance polarity of protons in motion. It’s a family game, a party game, a travel game, and a classic game of skill vs chance.
Make Connections – Build Peace Touched by Words One Vision – To foster peace as a consensus value in cities of peace around the world Three Values — International Cities of Peace® defines peace as the global consensus values of Safety, Prosperity, and Quality of Life. This expansive definition creates a bridge to citizens from every part of society and in all parts of the world. We all can start by making connections with each other through compassion, empathy and trust.
Maple Craft Foods Maple Craft /māpəl – kraft/ noun – an activity involving skill in making maple things. verb – to exercise skill in making something with maple. We make it easy for you to Maple Craft your favorite foods & beverages. At Maple Craft Foods, we Make Life Sweet. Naturally.
mc² Robotics mc² Robotics is local community team, that promotes STEM in the community.
Milestone C: Shaping Future STEM Leaders With a mission to “motivate and empower future STEM leaders to make confident college and career decisions,” Milestone C offers hands-on engineering & aviation programs creating unique internship experiences for students. Developed and instructed by lead engineers, veteran aviators, and research scientists from Fortune 500 corporations, our programs define the cutting edge of STEM education, experiential learning, and student engagement (grades 4 – 12). This groundbreaking approach to STEM education delivers summer camps & after-school programs for students, professional development programs for educators, and custom curriculums for leading-edge schools.
Minute Man Race Sign up for the 40th running of the Minute Man Race TODAY! This annual event has something for everyone and should not be missed. 10K Run /5K Run /5K Walk / Kids Fun Run AND Kids Fun Zone
MKR LAB Explore. Tinker. Create. MKR LAB is an educational space created to inspire, encourage, and teach students the skills they need to unlock their creativity in building and designing tech. We LOVE Raspberry Pi, Python, off the shelf components, reusing and repurposing. Don’t be defined by someone else’s vision. Design and build your own programs, robots, apps, games, wearables … The possibilities are endless.
Myrmidon We are Myrmidon Dagorhir, and we are hosting the Renaissance Fest on the veterans green! We are a club that participates in fast paced, full contact, Medieval battlesport, often considered to be LARPing or Jousting. We host our weekly practice in Norwalk every Thursday at Matthews Park in Norwalk. All our welcome to attend!
Norwalk Community College NCC Students will showcase their projects.
oneTesla DIY Musical Tesla Coil Kits oneTesla designs DIY Tesla coil kits that shoot lightning, play music, and teach electronics. Started at an MIT hackerspace and funded by Kickstarter, oneTesla has been sparking interest in physics worldwide since 2012.
OptiBrusher A full mouth toothbrush, no toothpaste, no water, no problem. Just using the motion of the lower jaw, someone can simply chew, and get effective plaque removal to interrupt the oral-systemic connection by reducing inflammation and bleeding.
Phil’s Engines and R/C I am very interested in engines. I run R/C cars, planes, boats, drones, helicopters, and am looking at many other aspects of R/C. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me.
Pottery Wheel Throwing Demonstration and Sale Silvermine instructor and artist, Jon Puzzuoli, will demonstrate ceramic throwing techniques on the potter’s wheel. There will be hand building clay activities for the children and faculty and student ceramic artwork for sale.
Remarkable STEAM Remarkable STEAM is Connecticut’s leading organization promoting Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. Our mission is to help close the education gap and create jobs. Our flagship event is Maker Faire Westport that we product in partnership with the Westport Library.Stop by our booth to learn about what we do and pick up some official Maker Faire Westport attire and merchandise!
Renewal by Andersen Marketing replacement windows and doors.
Robotics and Programming CompuChild offers Robotics Engineering at various levels for ages 4 – 14 and programming classes – Scratch, Python, JAVA Script and Website development. Our classes cover all 4 C’s and provide an engaging STEM + Art curriculum. Our small group lessons allow students to work together to become better communicators, collaborators, and critical thinkers. While our classes are fun and creative, the kids are not simply “playing on the computer.” In CompuChild class, students learn valuable 21st century skills to be successful in life.
Rotating Gear Minifigure Display Stands Using a CNC router and other woodworking tools, I’ve created a unique rotating display stand for LEGO and other brand minifigures. The two large gears hold 10 figures each and the small gear provides the connection. Turning any of the gears will rotate all 20 figures in perfect unison. To support the Earth Day theme, this product is made from poly lumber, which is 100% recycled HDPE.
School of Engineering, Fairfield University School of Engineering at Fairfield University demonstrates some of their students projects: Robitic, STEM Guitar, Mini Baja and students poster projects.
Secure Briefcase Feel like a spy with this extremely secure briefcase! With both GPS and RFID technology, this briefcase only unlocks in the correct location and only with the correctly programmed key FOB or card. Carry any item with complete security!
Shellabrate Seashells Shellabrate Seashells – Seashell Art Seashells are nature’s jewels. beautiful seashell wooden mermaids of different sizes and shape for any decor. Unique Seashell angels,sailboats, mirrors and more. Each Seashell is pick deliberately for each items.
Shintaro Akatsu School of Design, University of Bridgeport We are the sponsor of Nerdy Derby, want need an adjacent booth to the Nerdy Derby location. We are going to feature SASD design students with hands-on drawing demonstrations and engagement/interaction with Nerdy Derby.
ShopBot Tools, Inc. ShopBot Tools, Inc. has been in the business of making and selling digital fabrication tools for 20+ years. Our CNC tools help makers prototype and develop products for fun and for profit. ShopBot’s are perfect for an endless variety of cutting, drilling, and carving operations and has the ability to do so in a variety of materials: wood, MDF, plastics, foams, vinyl, and aluminum. Find us online at www.ShopBotTools.com
Sikorsky HeliVenture HeliVenture allows kids to learn about the principles of flight, working as an engineer, and STEM related activities in general! Visitors will have the opportunity to build their own airfoil and test it in an interactive wind tunnel.
Silver Steel Band The Award Winning Silver Steel Band is a Steel Drum Band based in Bridgeport, CT, directed by Jim Royle of Jim Royle Drum Studios. You can find Silver Steel playing many of your favorite Caribbean favorites as well as Soca and Calypso styled music from Trinidad and Tobago. Entering our 8th year together, Silver Steel delights audiences with our infectious rhythms resulting in spontaneous dancing, uncontrollable joy, and perpetual smiles wherever we play!
Simply Natural Stuff Handmade Natural Products and Handmade Gift Item, including soap, lip balm in 65 flavors, bath products, salves balm and creams, natural cleaning supplies, handmade household reusable items and handmade crochet and sewn gifts.
Slime Makerz Breaking down the science of making Slime while having fun doing it.
Smile Train Join Smile Train and experience the Power of A Smile like never before. Immerse yourself in virtual reality and experience the journeys of two children with untreated clefts on their way to new smiles.
SporTutors, LLC SporTutors is a Westport company run by high school students. It connects high school athletes with families seeking private coaching lessons in a number of sports and activities. Whether it be lacrosse drills, soccer ball dribbling, or backyard games for general exercise, SporTutors gives kids extra practice while having fun with a high school role model.
S-Squared 3-d Printers S-Squared 3D Printers is a 3D printer manufacturing and service company based out of Long Island, NY. We’re committed to creating high quality, low cost 3D printers, machines, parts and accessories for enthusiasts and hobbyists alike. We currently produce and engineer all of our parts and products in house. Whether you’re looking for your first 3D printer, or your fifth, you can find craftsmanship and dedicated support from our product lines.
Stage Sponsor Bankwell for Good
Stanley Black & Decker Air Rocket Challenge Participants will build their own custom air rockets using STANLEY and DEWALT tools and then blast them into the sky. When they’re done, they can take home the air rocket they built at Maker Faire Westport.
Staples STEM Journal Club Staples STEM Journal Club inspires writers in any STEM related field. The journal is printed semi annually and we look to expand our readership and inspire other writers similar to us.
StepCraft USA The STEPCRAFT-2 D-Series desktop CNC systems are designed to to empower your full creativity making them ideal for crafters, hobbyists, makers, machinists and businesses. STEPCRAFT’s multifunction capability features an innovative quick change tool holder that allows you to easily switch from the many different system attachments offered.
Swim’Duino Swim’Duino is a prototype personal swim timer and wireless touchpad system. Swimmers looking for a more professional timing system and portable touchpad will find the Swim’Duino perfect for daily practice. Emmett has recently added a “”Block Clock”” to measure reaction time off of the starting block during practice or a race.
TecKnow Smart Living Ecosystems The future looks bright and TecKnow will help you get there… As the IoT superhighway highway rolls out, we’re along for the ride…Designing, Installing, Programming, Training, Supporting, and Showcasing Smart Living Ecosystems for your daily life. TecKnow stays connected to the latest technologies so you dont have to.
The Conti Building @415HoweAve The Conti Building@415HoweAve in the heart of downtown Shelton has a variety of spaces available for small business owners, entrepreneurs, creatives and makers. Built in 1865, we are a 137,000 square foot, 9 building industrial complex. Spaces available from open space co-working, machine shops, private offices and loft space up to 3,400 square feet. Check us out at WWW.415HoweAve.com or on Instagram at #415HoweAvenue. For inquiries, call 203 922-1456 or email us at infor@415howeave.com
The Kennels Trading Post The Kennels Trading Post is a small business that specializes in six-panel hats, mittens and nand muffs for Renn Faire and LARP reenactment needs. For when the cold wind blows over the battlefield, you need to keep warm. Also carries Craftily Done handmade jewelry.
The Pink Rhubarb Fabric bundle dyeing with Hibiscus, Chamomile, Onion Skins and Turmeric and Roses and other natural colorants on cotton fabric.The bundles are bound with twine and steamed to set the colors. The results are all unique and that have a watercolored effect with natural pigments.
THE TINY MIRACLES FOUNDATION – BLANKETS FOR PREEMIES The Tiny Miracles Foundation distributes hundreds of handmade fleece blankets to families of premature babies throughout Fairfield County each year. The Neonatal Intensive Care Units in our 5 partner hospitals rely on these blankets to cover the babies’ isolettes creating a dark, warm and private environment for fragile newborns. The blankets become a cherished keepsake that carry tremendous emotional significance and continue to be used for years to come. TTMF depends on dedicated volunteers to assist in the creation of these blankets and for the continued success of the Blankets for Preemies program.
The Unquowa School Origins of Making, and Modern Pragmatism : The Kitchen The Unquowa School practices the art of making by appreciating the human-ness of hands that hold tools, a connection to our origins. We find joy in solving modern day kitchen crises with witty wooden wonders.
Thin Blue Creations We make paracord and vinyl items. This includes but is not limited to: dog collars, leashes, ornaments, coffee mugs, travel mugs, decals, signs, straw cups and custom orders.
Throwback Tech: Breakthroughs before the Current Age XBox and VR and iPads, oh my! Technology has advanced by leaps and bounds over the last several decades, but what was the cutting edge tech before 1990? Discover the tools that were the computers of their time and meet the personalities behind these inventions in Westport Historical Societies mini exhibit “Throwback Tech.”
Tooth and Nail Tooth and nail is a place for all your viking/barbarian needs for your next medieval event. We create custom mantles, runic bone carvings, and all sorts of gear to make your medieval costume look amazing. Ask about our special orders or to set up a custom order at Toothandnailpelts@gmail.com or visit us on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Toothandnailpelts/.
Troxes & Blinks “This MIT student’s Origami building blocks could make you more creative” – FastCo Design. Move38 seeks to delight hands, challenge minds, and inspire curiosity. We believe we learn best when at play, and that our play shapes who we are. Come see or latest creations.
Vez Furniture Vez Furniture was founded by two guys who are passionate about design and wood working. Our ‘design first’ approach allows us to create tables that are custom for every person and space. We obsess over simplicity and quality. No detail is ever too small.
Vintage Robot Vintage Robot designs and hand makes, robot apparel, prints, and DIY robot kits.
Violin Petting Zoo Ever touched a violin? Or tried to play one? The Violin Petting Zoo allows you just that: try your hands on a violin.
Vision Assist Siddhant Bhardwaj is a 12 Year old Middle School Student in Cheshire CT. Siddhant has modeled Vision Assist, which was created to help the visually impaired walk safely by avoiding obstacles. Siddhant’s project was recently showcased in the Cheshire Schools Discovery Expo and he was also published in the Republican American Newspaper.
Vorpal the Hexapod Vorpal the Hexapod is an open source, Arduino based, Bluetooth controlled, 3D printed, low cost, Scratch programmable, six-legged robot. You can build it in less than two hours, then play games like Joust and Capture the Flag using its built-in attachment system. Better yet, fire up your 3D printer and invent your own attachments!
Wakeman Town Farm Experience food sustainability at it’s best with Wakeman Town Farm and our new aquaponics system! Learn how you can harness natural nutrient cycles, sustainable growing practices, and some fish friends to grow great tasting food.
WEBE 108 We are the media sponsor and will have a table set up potentially with music (TBD)
Wells Fargo Bank – sponsor Partnering with the Discovery Museum
Westport Arts Center Knitting Workshop Copy to come soon!
Westport Electric Car Club presents Zero-emission Vehicles The Westport Electric Car Club exhibits several of the latest zero-emission electric vehicles, including the Tesla Model 3, Chevy Bolt and other high performance long-range plug-in electric vehicles.
Westport League of Women Voters Gubernatorial Forum The Westport League of Women Voters (WLWV) is sponsoring a Gubernatorial Forum at Westport Town Hall from 12:30 – 2:00 pm. This Forum will give the participating potential candidates a chance to answer two questions developed by the WLWV providing voters with a glimpse of what the candidates might bring to the office of Governor. This is a totally nonpartisan event.
Westport Library MakerSpace Printer, 1,600 objects, etc.
Westport Rotary Club Westport Rotary Club is a dynamic organization that represents many diverse businesses and community organizations. Our club raises funds to support a wide range of humanitarian organizations, generally serving the greater Westport area. However, we also support broader programs for international service and good will of the national and international Rotary Foundation. Every year, we host the annual Lobster Fest at Compo Beach – a signature event in Westport. Rotary International is a global network of 1.2 million neighbors, friends, leaders, and problem-solvers who see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change – across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.For more than 110 years, Rotary’s people of action have used their passion, energy, and intelligence to take action on sustainable projects. From literacy and peace to water and health, we are always working to better our world and we stay committed to the end.
Westport Sunrise Rotary We give our talent, time and money to doing good work for community and social causes. We have established a vision focused on youth, international, and local human needs.
Wire Work Jewelry I make intricate wire work jewelry using a variety of metals and semiprecious stones, fossils, and meteorite. I use wire to bring out the beauty of objects from the natural world. Some of my work has nods to history and science; in the case of fossils, I sometimes try to help people imagine what those creatures may have looked like in the distant past. Each piece is unique, designed around the stone they encase and enhance.
WNET (Westport Library) In partnership with WestportWRITES, WNET will promote the upcoming Saugatuck StoryFest at the Westport Library!
Woofgang & Co. Woofgang & Co. is a nonprofit organization driven to help long people with disabilities succeed by creating jobs tailored to the individual , while providing high-quality pet treats and handcrafted items with passion and purpose. Our friends and family members with special needs made us aware of the many employment challenges they face upon leaving the school system and entering adulthood. Woofgang & Co. addresses those issues directly by providing job opportunities that offer the invaluable independence and self-worth that comes with being employed.