Engineering at Sacred Heart University

Of all the living species, only mankind has been blessed with the natural abilities, senses, and brainpower to synthesize, experiment, retry, accomplish and dream. In order to walk even a single step, we need brain, body muscles, senses to work together in a continuous feedback loop. Teaching such tasks to machines and robots, requires many such brains working together, using years of experience and still requires a lot of experimentation.

“Bots” are now creating a lot of buzz in science and technology in all sorts of area – from automating simple tasks to answering customer service queries to playing games – sometimes even better than humans. Mankind has always dreamed of flying, so it makes sense to apply this technology to flight – creating drones.

Now Sacred Heart University’s Engineering programs have created a Drone Operations Platform designed to build a community and workforce ready to use flying drones to deliver help in emergency, medicine, rescue operations and much more.  Our goal is to marry human ingenuity with philanthropy. We want bots that can look, sense, and feel their surroundings, and that can move towards their target while avoiding all obstacles. Partnering with nation’s best drone companies and organizations, SHU Engineering is finding its niche in designing, programming, and building autonomous drones for the people.

We are focused on making the next generation to think, learn, build and accomplish hands-on way. And we want them to use this technology to help people!