An attempt to set a record for the world’s largest 3D printed duck at the 8th annual Maker Faire Westport on Saturday, April 27, 2019 was announced today. It’s called The Great Duck Project. The initiative was first envisioned by Mark Mathias, founder and president of Remarkable STEAM, Inc., and is a
collaboration of the Westport Sunrise Rotary Club and Greens Farms Academy in Westport, Connecticut.


The Great Duck Project is a first of its kind global crowdsourcing science and art initiative that allows people from around the world to 3D print and submit pieces that will become part of a 6 foot tall, 476 piece duck.


“No one has ever tried to print a six foot tall duck before,” said Mark Mathias, the person who came up with the idea. “By reaching out to every continent on the globe for contributors to engage people of all ages in a collaborative way provides a unique opportunity to showcase what is possible when people work together towards a unified goal,” he added.


“The Westport Sunrise Rotary Club is pleased to sponsor The Great Duck Project,” said Eileen Flug, president of the Westport Sunrise Rotary Club, “because it aligns so well with Rotary’s goal of bringing people together from around the world. Our club also produces The Great Duck Race, one of our annual fundraisers, so the duck theme is a perfect fit.”


“We are honored that Greens Farms Academy is the technical lead for the project,” said Bob Whelan, GFA’s Head of
School. “It’s a perfect example of creativity, innovation, and collaboration for our students and faculty. This is boundary-breaking work,” he added.


People who want to “Be a Part of the Duck” should go to and sign up. They fill out a form and will be emailed a file containing a specific duck part that can be printed on a 3D printer. 3D printers are generally available in libraries, schools, offices and even homes. When the duck part has been printed, it will be mailed to Greens Farms Academy to arrive by April 1, 2019, where the parts will undergo quality assurance before being put into the inventory for the duck build at Maker Faire Westport on Saturday, April 27, 2019


To download the official poster for The Great Duck Project, click here

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